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Posted Aug. 22, 2016

John Oliver Needs to Talk to Charter Parents

God bless John Oliver for addressing serious issues with humor. His latest target is public charter schools and he doesn’t disappoint, highlighting poorly run and…

By Peter Cunningham

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Posted Aug. 22, 2016

Statement by Peter Cunningham on John Oliver’s Charter School Segment

Statement from Education Post Executive Director Peter Cunningham on John Oliver's charter school segment on Last Week Tonight. John Oliver's segment on charter schools does a predictably good job of skewering the flaws of the sector, which charter groups and ed-reform activists are already focused on addressing. Missing from the piece, however, is the fundamental dynamic driving the extraordinary growth in the charter school sector:…

By Peter Cunningham

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Posted June 23, 2015

You Don’t Have to Be a Teacher to Have an Opinion About Education

Education is a public good, funded by taxpayer money. But to some, weighing in on education policy is the exclusive purview of those with classroom…

By Caroline Bermudez

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Posted May 7, 2015

Okay, John Oliver, Let’s Put the Test to the Test

There has been a groundswell of responses to John Oliver’s latest segment on standardized testing. From feelings of heartbreak to feelings of vindication, Oliver’s segment…

By Ann Whalen

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Posted May 5, 2015

John Oliver Throws Poor Kids Under the Bus

It is a sign of the times that the truth-tellers of the new millennium are comedians rather than journalists. Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and now…

By Peter Cunningham

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Posted May 5, 2015

A Dear John (Oliver) Letter: How He Broke My Heart Over Standardized Testing

Dear John,  We need to talk. I love you on HBO, I loved you on “The Daily Show,” I even loved you on “Community.” Is…

By Valentina Payne

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Posted Sep. 21, 2020

Advocating for My Students Requires Being Political on My Own Time

With election season upon us, like clockwork, the collective efforts to stifle the political opinions of educators has begun. Navigating this climate requires a nuanced…

By Lindsey Jensen

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Posted Sep. 17, 2020

Yes, White Teachers Still Need to Be Ready to Talk to Students About Race

“What’s the difference between a killing and a lynching?” The question popped up on my phone through the Google Hangouts app I installed in March.…

By Desiree Mitchel

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Posted Sep. 22, 2020

I Hope I Never Lose Another Student to Suicide

“I’m going to end it!” Unsure of what I heard, I questioned back, “End what?”  Her response was, “My life!” This brief encounter led to…

By Jill Miesner

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