Posted Sep. 29, 2015

Obama Has Done Something No Other President Has Ever Done by Investing in Replication and Expansion of High Performing CMOs

On the heels of Secretary Duncan's annual announcement of federal charter school grants, Charles Barone and Marianne Lombardo of Democrats for Education Reform highlight the beneficial impact of President Obama's federal Charter School Program grants and how they distinguish him as a president who has focused on high performance, especially for low income children of color, in unprecedented ways.   Today, Secretary of Education Arne…

By Education Post

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Posted Jan. 21, 2022

As #MeTooK12 Turns 4, Students Can’t Wait for Adults to Make Change

This January marks the fourth anniversary of #MeTooK12, a campaign spotlighting the widespread sexual harassment and assault millions of students experience each day. Although statistics…

By Esther Warkov

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Posted Jan. 26, 2022

Missouri Just Gave Me Back My Power to Choose the Best School for My Children

As a single mother of four—three of them in school, and one in college—I’ve had to face my share of struggles. But some of the…

By Latasha Buchanan

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Posted Jan. 13, 2022

Explained: How to Run for Your Local School Board

School boards (in some states “school committees”) sit at the intersection of civic engagement, local politics, and community service. The school board is a team…

By Brianna Crowley

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How does the federal government support our public schools? Find out the ABC’s of ESEA, ESSA and No Child Left Behind →

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