Posted Jan. 26, 2017

Should We Prepare Students for College and Career? I Don’t Think We Have a Choice.

Career and technical education (CTE) is undergoing a change across American schools. No longer does it resemble the vocational training programs of 10 or 15…

By Katelyn Silva

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Posted Jan. 6, 2016

Here’s How States Can Actually Help Every Student Succeed

The passage of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) has been heralded as the beginning of a “new era of education policy” that “returns power…

By Danielle M. Gonzales

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Posted May 21, 2015

What’s Missing From This Poll?

Education reporters at major newspapers get bombarded with requests to cover studies, reports and surveys, so when they do choose to write a news story about one, they need to choose wisely. They also owe it to their readers to put surveys and studies in context—to explain what they really say, and what they don’t say, to be a little skeptical about how questions are phrased, or how representative the respondents really are. Alas, this…

By Education Post

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Posted Jan. 12, 2015

State Education Chiefs Prioritize Annual Testing

The Council of Chief State School Officers—the folks who are responsible for driving education in each of the 50 states—have set out a list of…

By Valentina Payne

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Posted Oct. 20, 2014

Standing Together for Fewer, Better Assessments

In the last week education leaders at all levels of the system—local, state and federal—came out in support of fewer, better assessments. These statements acknowledged…

By Ann Whalen

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Posted Oct. 16, 2014

New Data Spurs Call to Action on ‘Testing Overload’

Recent polls show that parents and educators are clearly concerned about too much test prep and overtesting; but one of the difficulties in addressing those…

By Ann Whalen

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Posted Oct. 15, 2014

Demonstrating Leadership in the Over-Testing Debate

Today state school chiefs and large city superintendents—in response to concerns about too much test prep, unaligned or duplicative tests and frankly just bad tests—announced a…

By Ann Whalen

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Posted Oct. 18, 2021

Times Are Tough. Asking Teachers to Get Tougher Isn’t the Answer.

Wednesday started out like any other; I left my house at 7:00 am to drive to my school campus, where I teach bilingual early childhood…

By Megan Hillegass

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Posted Oct. 21, 2021

Q&A With Sharif El-Mekki and Shareefah Mason: You Won’t Retain Black Teachers Without Transforming Your School Culture

Shareefah Mason of TeachPlus and Sharif El-Mekki of the Center For Black Educator Development (CBED) believe that schools can only recruit and retain Black teachers…

By Laura Waters

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Posted Oct. 20, 2021

While We Debate Mandatory Vaccines for Teachers, It’s the Kids Who Suffer

I recently wrote a post urging us, as an educator community, to prioritize the health and safety of our students and fellow teaching colleagues as…

By Kwame Sarfo-Mensah

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