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Black male educators renew focus on recruitment, retention 10/18/2016
The Philadelphia Tribune — Wilford Shamlin III
NAACP vote won’t diminish support for charter schools in black communities 10/18/2016
Watchdog.org — Heather Kays
The Depths of How Poverty Affects Learning: A Superintendent’s Quest 10/17/2016
Real Clear Education — Beth Hawkins
National foundation marks anniversary of teacher’s award 10/17/2016
Rocky Mount Telegram — Ann Davis
The NAACP Takes A Major Stand Against The Growth of Charter Schools 10/16/2016
Huffington Post — Rebecca Klein
Slate’s Revamped Education Coverage Yields Mixed Results (So Far) 10/14/2016
Medium — Alexander Russo
Thursday Letters: Not “everybody” happy with new teachers’ deal 10/12/2016
Sun-Times — LaShanda Howard
A Little Letter to Donald and Diane 10/10/2016
Huffington Post — Erika Sanzi
CTU Preps for Second Strike in 2 Contracts 10/10/2016
Chicago Tonight — Brandis Friedman
Lakewood’s ultra orthodox day schools, ‘tyranny of the many’ 10/6/2016
NJ Spotlight — Laura Waters
Former US education secretary rips teacher-prep programs 10/5/2016
Philly Inquirer — Susan Synder and Kathy Boccella
Arne Duncan to US teacher training programs: raise your standards 10/5/2016
Atlanta Journal-Constitution — Maureen Downey
Parents Ask Why Their Wealthy Neighbors Are Fighting Charter Schools 10/4/2016
The 74 — Richard Whitmire
Why you shouldn’t stop speaking Spanish at home 9/23/2016
Univision — Janie Tankard Carnock
Too black, too strong’: The Woodrow Wilson Tigers’ national anthem protest 9/22/2016
BBC — Jessica Lussenhop
“Feel-Good” School Story Highlights Concerns About Racial Blind Spots 9/22/2016
Washington Monthly — Alexander Russo
Why the school funding judgment in Connecticut could jeopardize education for America’s 6.5 million children with disabilities 9/22/2016
Hechinger Report — Beth Hawkins
All Across the Country, Athletes Are Fueling a Debate About How America Defines Patriotism 9/22/2016
Time — Sean Gregory
Complicated but not impossible: a road map to avoiding a second chicago teachers strike 9/21/2016
The 74 — Maureen Kelleher
In-Depth: Black Lives Matter’s Rashad Turner on Why He’s Quitting Over Charter School Attacks 9/18/2016
The 74 — Beth Hawkins
NFL’s National Anthem Protest Reaches New Jersey High School Football 9/13/2016
WNYC — Jami Floyd
Raising Expectations at a San Antonio School Where Gifted Education is Applied to All 9/12/2016
The 74 — Beth Hawkins
Dear Hillary, Read This Before You Take That Advice on Public Education 9/12/2016
Huffington Post — peter Cunningham
Commentary: No surprise, Carol Burris misses the mark on California charter schools 9/12/2016
L.A. School Report — Caroline Bermudez
Camden district issues statement on woodrow wilson anthem protest 9/11/2016
Philly Inquirer — Phil Anastasia
BLM leader quits over school choice 9/8/2016
Washington Examiner — Jason Russell
‘The Movement’s Been Hijacked’: A Black Lives Matter Leader Quits Over Public School Platform 9/7/2016
The 74 — Beth Hawkins
A $50 Million Lawsuit Has St. Louis Parents, Kids and Educators Worried Their Schools May Have to Close 9/6/2016
The 74 — Beth Hawkins
Anti-charter-school rhetoric isn’t helping L.A.’s kids: Guest commentary 9/1/2016
LA Daily News — Virgil Roberts
Demanding Quality Education for Your Child Is Your Right 8/30/2016
Ebony — Charles Cole
The Myth of the ‘Miracle School’ 8/30/2016
The Atlantic — Arne Duncan
Confusion Over Purpose of US Education System 8/29/16
US News and World Report — Lauren Camera
Fried Chicken, Watermelon, and Hipster Comedy About Charter Schools 8/25/2016
Huffington Post — Chris Stewart
How to have “the talk” with your black students when they return to school 8/25/2016
Madame Noir — Abigail Henry
May LAUSD make it a great school year — for all 8/25/2016
LA Daily News — Alma Marquez
Why School Funding Will Always Be Imperfect 8/24/2016
The Atlantic — Nadra Kareem Nittle
The Most Segregating School-District Borders in America 8/24/2016
The Atlantic — Laura Bliss
Morning Education: John Oliver on charter schools 8/23/2016
Politico — Peter Cunningham
UTLA head should look to avert crisis, not create one 8/23/2016
LA School Report — Caroline Bermudez
Condemnation of Charter Schools Exposes a Rift Over Black Students 8/20/2016
The New York Times — Kate Zernicke
Clinton’s backflip on charter schools ‘a step backwards’ 8/20/2016
The Grayson County News-Gazette — Jim Waters
As war over charter schools rages on, what power does the city actually have 8/19/2016
Chalkbeat — Monica Disare
Commentary: Los Angeles is losing good teachers because of this policy 8/19/2016
L.A. School Report — Benjamin Feinberg
Camden schools report signs of progress 8/19/2016
NJ Spotlight — Meir Rinde
A solution as obvious as it is rare: Making high school graduates ready for college 8/18/2016
The Hechinger Report — Jon Marcus
Black Lives Matter, Except When They Enroll in Charter Schools 8/18/2016
Huffington Post — Chris Stewart
Will Pinkston must apologize for behavior before moving on 8/17/2016
The Tennessean — Jason Egly
Is School Integration Necessary? 8/15/2016
US News and World Report — Peter Cunningham
LAISD expands class offerings to boost declining enrollment 8/13/2016
Los Angeles Daily News — Brenda Gazzar
The Need to Close Empathy Gap in Ed Reform 8/12/2016
Ebony — Chris Stewart
Hillary Clinton ignores community’s major challenge 8/12/2016
News OK — The Oklahoman Editorial Board
Creating a Space for Gifted Students of Color 8/12/2016
Ebony — Kerry Ann Royes
Cunningham: Why True Progressives Should Push MA to Lift Cap on Public Charter Schools 8/10/2016
Medium — Peter Cunningham
What’s The Measure of a Good School? 8/9/2016
Huffington Post — Michael Vaughn
Rise & Shine: If state tests keep changing, can they still be used to judge a school’s progress? 8/4/2016
Chalkbeat — Cassi Feldman
Commentary rebuttal: Wellesley, let’s support all families having access to great schools 8/3/2016
The Wellesley Townsman — Kristin Johnson
More NY kids are learning — but will our political leaders do the same? From Gov. Cuomo on down, officials cling to old narratives despite new test scores 8/3/2016
NY Daily News — Peter Cunningham
The email in the DNC’s leaked collection that didn’t get much attention 8/2/2016
Desert News — Eric Schulzke
9 people who might be the next education secretary 8/1/2016
Washington Examiner — Jason Russell
A Little Ditty About Donald and Diane 8/1/2016
Huffington Post — Peter Cunningham
Hillary Clinton’s School Choice 7/31/2016
Wall Street Journal — Editorial
Will Pinkston has reputation for hostility, intimidation 7/31/2016
The Tennessean — Jason Gonzales
Peter Cunningham: And the next education secretary is… 7/31/2016
The 74 — Peter Cunningham
A letter to Kaya Henderson 7/29/2016
Washington Post — Yakkell Lavender
Let’s Agree on Free Community College 7/28/2016
Wall Street Journal — Rahm Emanuel and Bill Haslam
Wellesley, let’s support all families having access to great schools 7/27/2016
The Wellesley Townsman — Erika Sanzi
Democratic Political Infighting Over Educaiton Harms Black Families 7/27/2016
The Root — Andre Perry
EdReporters Ignore Fast-Changing Suburbs and Silence Minority Voices, Says CUNY Prof 7/26/2016
Washington Monthly — Alexander Russo
Clinton looks to move dems away from education wars 7/24/2016
Hechinger — Emanuel Fenton
The Pros and Cons of Full-Day Kindergarten 7/21/2016
NJ Family — Laura Waters
Flashback: That time Arne Duncan, Newt Gingrich and Al Sharpton traveled the country talking about education 7/20/2016
L.A. School Report — Peter Cunningham
Democrats’ ed reform pivot 7/15/2016
CommonWealth — Michael Jonas
Commentary: California — the state of magical thinking when it comes to education 7/14/2016
LA School Report — Caroline Bermudez
Dems Abandon Party Values, Rewrite Ed Platform 7/14/2016
Real Clear Education — Peter Cunningham
Minnesota’s Board of Teachers Stonewalls Teacher Licensing Changes to the Point of Contempt 7/14/2016
The 74 — Beth Hawkins
Morning Education 7/14/2016
Politico — Politico Morning News Team
Cunningham: Democrats Rewrite Education Platform Behind Closed Doors, and Abandon Core Party Values 7/13/2016
The 74 — Peter Cunningham
In Detroit, Parent-Activists Are Going House to House To Ensure Every Child Gets Enrolled in School 7/11/2016
The 74 — Beth Hawkins
When talking about race in classrooms, disagreement is OK; hatred is not 7/11/2016
Chalkbeat — David McGuire
First Person: When talking about race in classrooms, disagreement is OK — hatred is not 7/11/2016
Chalkbeat — Shaina Cavazos
California Teens Head To Flint To Help Undocumented Immigrants Obtain Water 7/1/2016
CBS SF Bay Area — Joe Vazquez
When teachers disparage their students 6/28/2016
Providence Journal — Erika Sanzi
Invisible (Wo)man: How the Struggles of Black Girls in School Go Unnoticed 6/28/2016
For Harriet — Marilyn Rhames
How the Problems of Black Schoolgirls Go Unnoticed 6/27/2016
Ebony — Marilyn Rhames
Morning Read: Wealthier students use summer school to get ahead 6/27/2016
LA School Report — 
Charter Schools: The Stepchildren of Public Education 6/22/2016
EdWeek — Dirk Tillotson
Get to know Nashville Rise before rejecting forum 6/21/2016
The Tennessean — Wendy Tucker
Traditional L.A. Unified schools and charter schools need to learn to share 6/21/2016
LA Times — LA Times Editorial Board
Commentary: Time to end the great charter school debate in Los Angeles and create great public schools now 6/20/2016
LA School Report — Caroline Bermudez
Group vows to rescue L.A. students one good school at a time 6/15/2016
LA Times — Howard Blume
A Place of Solidarity and Engagement 6/12/2016
Medium — Beth Hawkins
Our obsession with integration is hurting kids of color 6/10/2016
Washington Post — Chris Stewart
Teaching the Whole Child: Corey Carter 6/8/2016
Charter and Traditional Public Schools Fight Over Money 6/6/2016
American Prospect — Rachel Cohen
Failure Is a Part of Success: The Gates Foundation Should Be Praised for Owning Up 6/3/2016
Huffington Post — Caroline Bermudez
An Open Letter to White Conservative Education Reformers 6/1/2016
Huffington Post — Marilyn Rhames
Mom: A ‘harsh truth’ I’ve learned about special education 6/1/2016
Washington Post — Valerie Strauss
The 5 Questions Black Parents Should Be Asking Their Kids’ Schools 6/1/2016
Ebony — Charles Cole
Bradford: Social Justice, Education Reform and How This Whole Left-Right Feud Is Missing the Point 5/31/2016
The 74 — Derrell Bradford
The Colorado Department of Education’s revolving door 5/31/2016
The Denver Post — Mike Vaughn
As charters grow, public schools see sharp enrollment drop 5/29/2016
AP — Christine Armario
Commentary: With veto, Wolf puts unions ahead of students 5/29/2016
Philly Inquirer — Sharif El-Mekki
A Fresh Turn in the New Orleans Charter School Miracle 5/27/2016
The Wall Street Journal — John White
Does Black Lives Matter belong in education reform? A private debate bursts into public view 5/26/2016
Chalkbeat — Elizabeth Green
Has Integration In Schools Done More Harm Than Good for Black Learners? 5/26/2016
HuffPo Black Voices — Charles Coleman
How 3 top NOLA public schools keep students out 5/26/2016
The Times-Picayune — Danielle Dreilinger
Still listening, no big plan yet: LAUSD chief Michelle King wraps up community tour for the school year 5/26/2016
LA School Report — Sarah Favot
Graduation Anxiety in NOLA: Will State Budget Woes Kill a Life-Changing Scholarship? 5/25/2016
The 74 — Beth Hawkins
Stewart: If Only They Attacked Racial Gaps in Schools Like They Attack Campbell Brown 5/25/2016
The 74 — Chris Stewart
My son has Asperger’s and wants to attend a rigorous college— why shouldn’t he? 5/24/2016
Hechinger Report — Beth Hawkins
Window gave child-sex-abuse victims a late chance for justice, but protections in Minnesota still must be strengthened 5/24/2016
MinnPost — Beth Hawkins
An Unexpected Choice for Minneapolis Schools Chief, An Alaskan Educator Promising Equity 5/23/2016
The 74 — Beth Hawkins
Common Core “Field Tests” Boycott 5/23/2016
HuffPo — Alan Singer
Speaking Racial Truth to Power in Education Reform 5/23/2016
Ebony — Marilyn Rhames
How Brown v. Board is Failing America’s Kids 5/20/2016
Wake Up with WURD — Gwen Samuels
You can try and deny it, but our schools need to do better at preparing our kids for college and career 5/20/2016
HuffPo — Tracy Dell’Angela
NJ Spotlight — John Mooney
Diane Ravitch, Carol Burris attack anyone who disagrees 5/19/2016
HuffPo — Peter Cunningham
Why both parties need education reform 5/18/2016
HuffPo — Peter Cunningham
Don’t blame the test for poor PARCC results when N.J. schools are already failing 5/17/2016
NJ Star-Ledger — Laura Waters
NY Times Mocks Opt-Out Parents, Fails Common Core English 5/16/2016
HuffPo — Alan Singer
Teacher-Evaluation Report Roundup: All Is Not Lost 5/16/2016
EdWeek — Stephen Sawchuk
Where does need for college remedial work begin 5/16/2016
Grand Forks Herald — Lloyd Omdahl
Book Fair, Stop Selling All That Crap 5/15/2016
HuffPo — Erika Sanzi
Morning Educaiton: Union-charter common ground 5/13/2016
Politico — Greg Richmond
The “message” of low PARCC scores: dont’ blame test 5/13/2016
NJ Spotlight — Laura Waters
UTLA says “unmitigated” charter growth hurts district? Inconcievable 5/13/2016
LA School Report — Mike Vaughn
Can’t write a complete sentence 5/12/2016
Ebony — Caroline Bermudez
Does LAUSD want to protect children, or bloated bureaucracy 5/12/2016
HuffPo — Peter Cunningham
The Mile-High City Leads the Way 5/12/2016
U.S. News and World Report — David Osborne
Moms, We HAve So Much in Common Too 5/11/2016
HuffPo — Erika Sanzi
Detroit’s educational catastrophe 5/10/2016
Atlantic — Beth Hawkins
Guess who’s taking remedial courses 5/10/2016
NYT — NYT ed board
What Newark’s school bd elections says about influence of charters 5/10/2016
The 74 — Laura Waters
Remedial Finance 5/9/2016
Weekly Standard — James Pierson and Naomi Schaefer Riley
Grading the Graders 5/7/2016
Real Clear Education — Politico Morning News Team
Charlotte’s school segregation problem is both persistent and damaging 5/6/2016
Ebony — James Ford
The Danger of the Single Story Is Real in Our Education Debates Too 5/6/2016
HuffPo — Erika Sanzi
Illinois Issues: A School in Democracy 5/5/2016
NPR Illinois — Tara Garcia Mathewson
All Eyes on Today’s Louisiana Vote: A New Era for New Orleans’ Schools? 5/4/2016
The 74 — Beth Hawkins
Has School Choice Been All It Set Out to Be? 5/4/2016
Governing — Alan Greenblatt
The Half-Finished Revolution on Teacher Quality 5/3/2016
Washington Monthly — Thomas Toch
Grading the Graders in Politico 5/2/2016
Politico — Politico Morning News Team
Media Matters: Reporting on Corporate Reform and Omitting Walton, Gates, and Broad 5/2/2016
HuffPo — Mercedes Schneider
Students wear the garment of disadvantage 5/1/2016
Charlotte Post — James Ford
Jane Sanders: Bernie and I stand with unions against testing 4/29/2016
EdWeek — Andrew Ujifasa
Bay area schools struggling to retain teachers 4/28/2016
Bay Area News Group — Joyce Tsai
2015 Nation’s Report Card Reveals Majority of High School Seniors Aren’t College Ready 4/27/2016
Education World — Nicole Gorman
A hidden benefit to Common Core 4/27/2016
US News/World Report — Douglas Holz-Eakin
Ready to Bring the Noise on PARCC 4/26/2016
Huffington Post — Erika Sanzi
About “Education Post, the Nonprofit” — Including Its Anonymous Donor 4/25/2016
HuffPo — Mercedes Schneider
Can More Money Fix America’s Schools? 4/25/2016
NPR Ed — All Things Considered
More college students need remedial studies 4/25/2016
Utica Observer Dispatch — Alissa Scott
Race and the Standardized Testing Wars 4/23/2016
New York Times — Kate Taylor
Denver Public Schools owns up to not thoroughly vetting school board appointee 4/22/2016
Chalkbeat CO — Melanie Asmar
Supt apologizes for not vetting board candidate 4/22/2016
Fox-31 Denver — 
Letitia James is wrong on opting out 4/21/2016
New York Amsterdam News — Chris Stewart
For college acceptance, some retunr to high school material 4/20/2016
Daily Tarheel — Sierra Dunne
On schools, Villaraigosa parts ways with Gov 4/20/2016
Cal Matters — Judy Lin
Remedial courses costly 4/19/2016
News-PressNow.com — News-Press Now Editorial Board?
Commentary: Suburban NJ schools underperform 4/18/2016
Courier-Post — Lance T. Izumi
What Parents Actually Want From Standardized Tests 4/18/2016
Ebony — Caroline Bermudez
Arriving at College unprepared is costly 4/15/2016
Orange County Register — Gloria Romero
Reformers question if school-aid formula is out of touch with reality 4/13/2016
NJ Spotlight — Meir Rinde
Reformers question if school-aid formula is out of touch with reality 4/13/2016
NJ Spotlight — Meir Rinde
Are charters a solution to–or cause of–segregation 4/11/2016
The 74 — Matt Barnum
Cost of remediation doesn’t just impact low-income students 4/8/2016
Education Dive — Tara Mathewson
The power of restorative justice in the classroom 4/8/2016
US News/World Report — Beth Hawkins
Why is Deray getting a bad rap on education 4/8/2016
NBC black — Charles Cole III
Out of Pocket 4/7/2016
Real Clear Education — Michael Dannenberg, Ed Post
Remedial Courses Required by Colleges Costing $1.5 Billion Annually 4/7/2016
US News University — Andy Gotlieb
There is a difference between doing things right and doing the right thing 4/7/2016
NJ Spotlight — Laura Waters
We’re accountable for making American dream possible through education 4/7/2016
Daily Breeze — Antonio Villaraigosa
College remediation is not just for those “other kids” 4/6/2016
LA School Report — Tracy
Remedial courses come with steep price tag 4/6/2016
LA School Report/the74 — Mark Keierleber
Remedial courses have become a hidden cost of college 4/6/2016
Washington Post — Danielle Douglas-Gabriel
Taking high school courses in college costs nearly $1.5 billion 4/6/2016
NPR — Anya Kamenetz
The cost of remediation 4/6/2016
Inside Higher Ed — Ashley A Smith
Steve Barr on weighing mayoral run and what ed reform gets wrong 4/5/2016
LA School Report — Caroline
LGBT Students Fight ‘Can’t Say Gay’ School Policies that Silence Teachers, Isolate Young People 4/4/2016
The 74 — Beth Hawkins
Time For Diane Ravitch to Find a New ‘Obsession’ 4/4/2016
Huffington Post — Erika Sanzi
Bring school funding into the 21st century 4/1/2016
NJ Spotlight — Laura
Teachers who strike will not be disciplined, just unpaid 4/1/2016
Sun-TImes — Lauren FitzPatrick
What You Need to Know About Magnet Schools in NJ 4/1/2016
NJ Family — Laura
The danger of zero-tolerance policies in charter schools 3/31/2016
Ebony — Marilyn Rhames
Time to get serious about accountability in CA 3/31/2016
Southern California Public Radio — Mary Plumer
The Desegregation War in Minnesota Heats Up, as State Judge Hands Charter School Advocates Key Win 3/28/2016
The 74 — Beth Hawkins
Advocating for Oakland children in Sacramento 3/23/2016
Oakland Post — Antwan Wilson
Diversity in Teaching: AFT talks the talk; TFA walks the walk 3/23/2016
HuffPo — Erika Sanzi
Autonomous schools gain ground in MN and across country 3/22/2016
MinnPost — Erin Hinrichs
Commentary: Will California come out of the shadows on standards to protect its students? 3/22/2016
LA School Report — Iris Maria Chavez
The high cost of opting out in RI 3/18/2016
Providence Journal — Jessica Waters
Arne Duncan says he will focus on improving opportunities for Chicago youth 3/17/2016
Washington Post — Emma Brown
Arne Duncan takes aim at Chicago’s violence with youth jobs initiative 3/17/2016
Chicago Tribune — Alexia Elejalde-Ruiz
Arne Duncan to Focus on Disconnected Youth at the Emerson Collective 3/17/2016
EdWeek — Alyson Klein
Arne Duncan’s New Gig: Fighting Violence with Jobs 3/17/2016
BEZ/NPR — Melba Lara, Linda Lutton
Arne Duncan’s new job: Creating jobs, stopping violence 3/17/2016
Sun-TImes — Lauren FitzPatrick
Arne new job with Emerson 3/17/2016
LA Times — Joy Resmovitz
Ex-Education Secretary Arne Duncan Plans Chicago Job-Training Project 3/17/2016
The Wall Street Journal — Leslie Brody
Former Ed. Secty. to lead philanthropic effort in Chicago 3/17/2016
USA Today — Greg Toppo
OptOut in TN 3/16/2016
Chalkbeat TN — Grace Tatter
Wilson: Together We Can Ensure That Every Student Thrives 3/16/2016
Oakland Post — Antwan Wilson
If you don’t love our kids, stay out of our schools 3/15/2016
The Root — Charles Coleman Jr
How Obama Got Schooled 3/14/2016
Washington Monthly — Tom Toch
Common Core is dramatically improving teaching 3/13/2016
Patriot Ledger — Lindsay Sobel
Radio show on BPS walkout 3/10/2016
Boston Herald — Erika Sanzi
Every Student Needs A Champion 3/9/2016
Black Enterprise — Marilyn Rhames
A New Era for the Battle over Teacher Evaluations 3/8/2016
The Atlantic — Thomas Toch
Her Last Battle: Advocate for Black Students Back in the Fray to Save WA Charters 3/7/2016
The 74 — Beth Hawkins
Hillary: tell the truth 3/7/2016
This Week in Ed — Erika Sanzi
Who’s really opting out anyway 3/6/2016
The 74 — Caroline Bermudez
The political grandstanding of the LAUSD Board 3/4/2016
LA School Report — Caroline Bermudez
Common Core advances state literacy culture 3/3/2016
Berkshire Eagle — Lindsay Sobel
When Social and Emotional Learning Is Key to College Success 3/2/2016
The Atlantic — Emmanuel Felton
Why New York’s charter movement has stalled — and what it needs to grow 3/1/2016
Chalkbeat NY — Dirk Tillotson
Clearing Up Some Misperceptions About the Common Core 2/29/2016
UExpress — Peter Cunningham
Alliance and other charter students untouched by graduation rate fears 2/26/2016
LA School Report — Tracy Dell’Angela
From Arne Duncan on Down: 23 Critical Education Questions For the Presidential Candidates 2/24/2016
The Seventy Four — Carolyn Phenicie and Matt Barnum
Do Your Kids Have Too Much Homework? 2/24/2016
NJ Family — Laura Waters
Opting Out Is the Wrong Choice for Our Kids 2/22/2016
HuffPost Black Voices — Charles Coleman
Investigation into potential cheating shows charter schools are working 2/19/2016
Times Picayune — Peter Cunningham
Oakland must again commit to creating small schools 2/18/2016
Oakland Tribune — Dirk Tillotson
Peter Cunningham on CAN TV 2/12/2016
CAN TV — Peter Cunningham
Are We Really 250 Years Away From Closing the Achievement Gap? 2/10/2016
Houston Forward Times — Marilyn Rhames
Give Chicago teachers the facts 2/9/2016
Catalyst — Peter Cunningham
Time to Talk Education As Dust Settles in Iowa 2/3/2016
NBC/ NBC BLK — Chris Stewart
Is teachers union on suicide mission? 2/2/2016
Sun-Times — Peter Cunningham
What passes for acceptable school choice rhetoric is frightening 1/30/2016
Washington Post — Valerie Strauss
Laying the PARCC rumors to rest 1/29/2016
NJ Spotlight — Star Ledger Editorial Board
Education reform’s devious blame game: The charter school movement doesn’t want you to know it’s failing 1/29/2016
Salon — Steven Rosenfeld
Bishop Tobin takes aim at R.I. charters 1/27/2016
Providence Journal — Erika Sanzi
Star-Ledger — Laura Waters
At Seattle’s Summit Sierra High School, Special Needs Students Find Success 1/25/2016
The Seventy Four — Beth Hawkins
Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner wants state control of Chicago Public Schools 1/21/2016
Examiner.com — Darryl Grant
Governor lunges for control of Chicago schools, teachers union 1/20/2016
Politico — Maggie Severns
Charters That Serve Our Most Vulnerable Youth 1/20/2016
RealClearEducation — Maureen Kelleher
As You Were Saying…Charter schools gain a champion 1/16/2016
Boston Herald — Erika Sanzi
Are Chicago’s School Principals Ready to Walk Away? 1/14/2016
EBONY.com — Marilyn Rhames
Can I get a president who will fight for better schools? 1/11/2016
The Hill — Chris Stewart
Camden graduation rate rises again 1/9/2016
Philadelphia Inquirer — Allison Steele
NJ Spotlight — Jeanne Muzi
Camden graduation rates improve again 1/7/2016
Jersey Courier Post — NA
Camden School District streamlines enrollment process 1/6/2016
Newsworks (NJ) — Joe Hernandez
A black principal says what it takes to produce more black teachers 1/6/2016
Catalyst — Robert Croston
How Minnesota’s Push to Integrate Schools Sparked a War Against Charters Serving Minority Families 1/4/2016
The Seventy Four — Beth Hawkins
Camden PARCC test results among worst in state 12/22/2015
Philadelphia Inquirer — Allison Steele
SFL Times — Charles Cole
Chris Stewart on ESSA on Charlotte Radio 12/19/2015
WBAV Charlotte Radio — Chris Stewart
Has our system failed our youth? 12/18/2015
Westside Gazette — Charles Cole
Slow and Steady Progress in Camden School System 12/17/2015
NJTV — Paymon Rouhanifard
Chris Stewart on ESSA on Philly Radio 12/17/2015
WURD Philly Radio — Chris Stewart
School Officials In Camden Spread The Word About District’s First Education Enrollment Fair Next Year 12/16/2015
CBS Philadelphia — Mike Dougherty
The goal of every student succeeds must be that every child succeeds 12/15/2015
The Hill — Chris Stewart
Rapid response unit aims to counter criticisms of Teach for America 12/12/2015
Washington Post — Lyndsey Layton
Justice Scalia’s Comments on Black Academic Ability Lack Context 12/12/2015
AFRO — Chris Stewart
What Justice Antonin Scalia Got Wrong About Black College Students 12/10/2015
Ebony — Chris Stewart
Chris Stewart on ESSA on Houston Radio 12/10/2015
KPFT Houston Radio — Chris Stewart
Has Our System Failed Our Youth? 12/9/2015
ThyBlackMan — Charles Cole
What proposed changes to ESEA mean for students of color 12/3/2015
The HIll — Kayla Patrick
What proposed changes to ESEA mean for students of color 12/3/2015
The HIll — Kayla Patrick
Duncan’s Legacy Undercut as ESEA Rewrite Advances 12/3/2015
Education Week — Andrew Ujifusa
Duncan’s Legacy Undercut as ESEA Rewrite Advances 12/3/2015
EdWeek — Peter Cunningham
Copy successful programs and plant them in struggling schools 12/3/2015
Contra Costa Times — Dirk Tillotson
Why Republicans Changed Their Minds on School Accountability 12/2/2015
Time — Haley Sweetland Edwards
Copy successful programs and plant them in struggling schools 12/2/2015
ContraCosta Times — Dirk Tillotson
Hey Hillary, My Disabled Son Was Pushed Out of a District School—and Embraced by a Charter 11/24/2015
RealClearEducation — Beth Hawkins
Blind Men and an Elephant: There are Multiple Arguments for Charters 11/23/2015
RealClearEducation — Greg Richmond
Mass. public schools crush R.I.’s. 11/22/2015
Providence Journal — Erika Sanzi
Making the Grade: How Well Do NJ Schools Prepare Our Kids? 11/19/2015
NJ Family — Laura Waters
Nonprofit is formed to advance charter-school plan in Los Angeles area 11/18/2015
LA Times — Howard Blume
Merrow Ignores Charter School Efforts to Clean House 11/17/2015
RealClearEducation — Alex Medler
How to solve the LAUSD puzzle 11/16/2015
LA Times — Pedro Noguera
If You Can’t Teach My Black Children, Admit It and Move On 11/12/2015
For Harriet — Khulia Pringle
Chicago Teachers Union can help CPS avoid layoffs 11/12/2015
Chicago Sun-Times — Peter Cunningham
Taking the Teaching Profession to Task 11/10/2015
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‘Zero tolerance’ imprisons too many students 11/9/2015
Sacramento Bee — Dilan Pidraza
LA Comadre on Power 106’s Knowledge is Power! 11/8/2015
Power 106 — Alma Marquez
In Colorado, real school reform is winning 11/6/2015
Denver Post — Michael Vaughn
Even the Top State in the Nation Needs to Up Its Game 11/5/2015
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Antonio Villaraigosa backs ‘Black Minds Matter’ report’s recommendations on schools 11/5/2015
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Don’t leave parents in dark on how schools are doing 11/4/2015
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Black Girls Are Being Pushed Out of the Classroom 11/4/2015
JJIE — Kayla Patrick
We need more Latino teachers 10/30/2015
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Why education should be a priority for Speaker Ryan 10/29/2015
The Hill — Chris Stewart
Why Can’t We Talk About the Real Issues? 10/29/2015
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Filmed classroom arrest of South Carolina schoolgirl spotlights police brutality, prison pipeline 10/29/2015
Hechinger Report — Beth Hawkins
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Southwest Side needs better school choices 10/28/2015
Chicago Sun-Times — Maria Esquivel
Paul Ryan’s Leadership On Education Will Impact Minorities 10/28/2015
NBC News — Chris Stewart
Why Black and Latino Parents are Placing a Premium on Education 10/27/2015
Ebony — Chris Stewart
Chicago has a high school with 13 freshmen 10/27/2015
WBEZ Chicago Public Radio — Linda Lutton, Becky Vevea
Our real charter school nightmare: The new war on public schools and teachers 10/26/2015
Salon — Diane Ravitch
The Best Hope for Teacher Unions Is… Reform 10/22/2015
Huffington Post — Peter Cunningham
Why Isn’t Education a Voting Issue? 10/20/2015
RealClearEducation — Peter Cunningham
A Prison-to-School Pipeline? In California, the First School Inside a U.S. County Jail 10/20/2015
The Seventy Four — Mark Guarino
Trump eyes Education Department 10/19/2015
Politico — Allie Grasgreen Ciaramella
Softer hand, just as bold 10/19/2015
Providence Journal — Erika Sanzi
Counterpoint: On school results, don’t attack the messenger 10/14/2015
Star Tribune — Robin Lake
The Common Core wins the war 10/12/2015
Politico — Maggie Severns
Parents Support Testing, but Think There’s Too Much 10/12/2015
U.S. News and World Report — Lauren Camera
Parents Support Testing, but Think There’s Too Much 10/12/2015
MSN — Lauren Camera
A Lasting Legacy 10/9/2015
U.S. News and World Report — Lauren Camera
A Few Reflections Upon Secretary Duncan’s Departure 10/5/2015
Education Week — Rick Hess
Rouhanifard sets out next steps for Camden schools 10/2/2015
Philadelphia Inquirer — Allison Steele
Obama’s new pick for education mirrors Duncan 10/2/2015
Meet the former N.Y. education chief who will take over for Arne Duncan as education secretary 10/2/2015
Colorado Chalkbeat — Philissa Cramer, Geoff Decker, Patrick Wall and Monica Disare
Education Secretary Arne Duncan to step down 10/2/2015
USA Today Syndication — David Jackson
Education Secretary Arne Duncan to step down 10/2/2015
USA Today — David Jackson
Duncan to leave education post; unsure of what’s next 10/2/2015
Chicago Sun-Times — Lynn Sweet
Camden school district’s ‘commitment’ continues with 2nd phase 10/1/2015
NJ.com — Greg Adomaitis
Making Failure Harder Work Than Passing 9/30/2015
Edutopia — Angela Campbell
All Camden schools can rise 9/30/2015
Courier Post — Paymon Rouhanifard
Islamophobia doesn’t belong in Texas schools 9/21/2015
The Dallas Morning News — Erika Beltran
Backers want half of LAUSD students in charter schools in eight years, report says 9/21/2015
LA Times — Howard Blume
$490-million plan would put half of LAUSD students in charter schools 9/21/2015
LA Times — Howard Blume
Finally, cooperation in R.I. 9/18/2015
Providence Journal — Erika Sanzi
Moving Beyond Good v. Evil in Newark Reform Debate 9/15/2015
RealClearEducation — Laura Waters
Teaching In America: ‘Only The Strong Will Survive’ 9/13/2015
NPR — Rachel Martin
Teaching In America: ‘Only The Strong Will Survive’ 9/13/2015
NPR — Rachel Martin
Where kids can avoid racial cluelessness 9/8/2015
Chicago Tribune — Tracy Dell’Angela
Nadie se encargó de que no me quedara atrás 9/8/2015
La Prensa de Minnesota — Frank Saldaña
Dyett hunger strike enters third week 8/31/2015
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My Katrina story is more than misery 8/30/2015
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Hurricane Katrina Survivor Jamar McKneely Shares How He’s Giving Back to the Community 8/28/2015
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The Need For Nuance & Complexity In Education Writing — & Where To Find It 8/28/2015
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New Orleans Schools, After Katrina 8/27/2015
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Congress should look at New Orleans for how to fix No Child Left Behind 8/27/2015
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Survey: Camden schools make progress 8/26/2015
South Jersey Courier-Post — Carly Q. Romalino
Five issues to watch as Denver Public Schools students return to the classroom 8/24/2015
Colorado Chalkbeat — Eric Gorski
At N.H. forum, Christie again trains fire on teachers unions 8/21/2015
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John Kasich’s teacher problem 8/20/2015
The Cincinnati Enquirer — Hannah Sparling and Chrissie Thompson
Jeb Was Only Part of Bloomberg Group for ‘Education Reform’ — They Were Big Advocates of Common Core 8/12/2015
Independent Journal Review — Joe Perticone
Minnesota’s achievement gap debated at NABJ conference 8/8/2015
Minneapolis Star Tribune — Marcus E. Howard
Camden School District asks for public’s input on education priorities 8/6/2015
Newsworks — Joe Hernandez
Ask the GOP candidates about Common Core — and U.S. competitiveness 8/5/2015
Cleveland Plain Dealer — Lou Gerstner
Some Online Sites May Blur News, Advocacy Line 8/4/2015
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Ohio School Districts Band Together To Demand More Local Control 8/4/2015
Education Week — Andrew Ujifusa
Crowded Field of Online News Sites Focuses on Education Issues 8/4/2015
Education Week — Mark Walsh
Seeing Race Isn’t ‘Racist,’ It’s Reality 7/24/2015
Ebony — Marilyn Rhames
New Orleans parents to discuss schools 10 years after Katrina 7/20/2015
Times-Picayune — Jessica Williams
Tomorrow’s Tech Stars Sound Off On Why Silicon Valley Should Embrace Diversity 7/17/2015
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Tomorrow’s Tech Stars Sound Off On Why Silicon Valley Should Embrace Diversity 7/17/2015
Huffington Post — Rebecca Klein
Lessons From a Longer School Day (and Year) 7/8/2015
Education Week — Bolgen Vargas & Sandra A. Parker
Even as Congress moves to strip his power, Arne Duncan holds his ground 7/8/2015
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Teach black students they can change communities – they don’t have to escape 6/24/2015
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Black People Are Feared, Black Teachers Are Threats 6/24/2015
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How I Learned to Truly Value My Students — And It Has Nothing to Do With Common Core 6/22/2015
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How inequality looks from the inside 6/12/2015
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Graduating seniors in Camden who overcame are honored 6/12/2015
Philadelphia Inquirer — Allison Steele
Camden students battled homelessness, murdered family member, cancer on road to graduation 6/11/2015
South Jersey Times — Greg Adomaitis
It Wasn’t Common Core or More Money—Here’s How I Learned to Truly Value My Students 6/10/2015
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I Love the Thought of Leaving Baltimore, But It’s Finally Starting to Feel Like Home 6/10/2015
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Camden celebrates 20 ‘Remarkable Grads’ 6/10/2015
South Jersey Times — Lori M. Nichols
20 Camden Grads Honored for Determination Despite Adversity 6/10/2015
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State’s economy depends on Latino schooling 5/27/2015
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What happens in school matters 5/25/2015
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Students decide who’s college material 5/25/2015
Providence Journal — Stephanie Gonzalez
I love the thought of leaving Baltimore, but it’s finally starting to feel like home 5/15/2015
Washington Post — Glory Aganze Barongozi
Support the student who decides: ‘College isn’t for me’ 5/14/2015
Chicago Sun-Times — Tracy Dell’Angela
Reducing federal role in education harms states 5/8/2015
The Tennessean — Paul Pastorek
Alexander Russo Launches New Blog on Education Journalism 5/6/2015
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School’s faith in me changed my life 4/30/2015
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Opting out of testing is not progressive 4/28/2015
Oak Park Journal — Gordon Wright
Camden district releases information dump on schools’ academic performance, survey results 4/23/2015
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To Meet New Student Standards, We Must Support and Empower Teachers 4/22/2015
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Did PARCC pass the test for my son? 4/22/2015
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Unions Used to Embrace Grading Teachers with Tests, Until They Didn’t 4/14/2015
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How to Reach the Poorest Kids 4/14/2015
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Opting your kid out risks her future — and every other kid’s, too 4/12/2015
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Al Sharpton an unlikely ally in support of Common Core exams 4/11/2015
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Testing, standards up for vote 4/7/2015
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Accountability on Trial 4/4/2015
U.S. News and World Report — Robert Pondiscio
The battle over the federal role in K-12 heats up 4/3/2015
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Bright,’ a New Online Education Publication, Launches 3/31/2015
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Expand the Federal Role in Education 3/27/2015
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A commitment to transform Camden schools 3/26/2015
Courier Post — Paymon Rhouhanifard
Public Education and the Ability to Do Math in Chicago 3/25/2015
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New CREDO Study Cites Strong Performance of Detroit Charter Schools 3/24/2015
WCHB News Detroit — Cliff Russell
Hillary Clinton Caught Between Dueling Forces on Education: Teachers and Wealthy Donors 3/24/2015
New York Times — Maggie Haberman
The Problem Is You 3/23/2015
Huffington Post — Peter Cunningham
Parents Should Welcome the New Common Core Tests 3/22/2015
Daily Beast — Jonah Edelman
Why parents need school choice 3/18/2015
Chicago Sun-Times — Lucy Reese
PARCC’s tie to teacher evaluations drives controversy 3/15/2015
NJ.com — Adam Clark
New PARCC assessments arrive in Colorado to cheers, criticism 3/8/2015
Denver Post — Eric Gorski
A snow job on school testing in Colorado 3/7/2015
Denver Post — Michael Vaughn
Taking aim at R.I.’s poor, minority students 3/5/2015
Providence Journal — Erika Sanzi
Teacher sees benefits of Common Core playing out in classroom 3/4/2015
Times-Picayune — Angelle Lailhengue
Christie made the right decision to renew Newark Supt 3/4/2015
NJ Star-Ledger — Editorial Board
PARCC complaints voiced at hearing at Camden County College 3/2/2015
Cherry Hill Courier Post — Carol Comegno
NJEA launches ad campaign against PARCC, Common Core 2/19/2015
Asbury Park Press — Amanda Oglesby
Saving School Choice Without Undermining Poor Communities 2/14/2015
Atlantic Magazine — Richard Khalenberg
Keep the Federal Role in Low Performing Schools 2/11/2015
RealClearEducation — Paul Pastorek and Peter Cunningham
Chicago-style grit needed to get through school 2/11/2015
Chicago Sun-Times — Michael Lomax
One parent’s plea for accountability 2/9/2015
Colorado Chalkbeat — Arturo Garcia
Graduation loophole common in Camden 2/9/2015
Cherry Hill Courier Post — Kevin C. Shelly
Camden schools take stock one year into plan 2/5/2015
Cherry Hill Courier Post — Kevin C. Shelly
The Common Core Has Not Killed Literature 2/3/2015
Atlantic Magazine — Meaghan Freeman
Rule No. 84: Diane Ravitch’s Other Letter to Lamar Alexander 2/2/2015
Huffington Post — Peter Cunningham
Common Core: States need high standards – by any name – for kids to succeed 1/29/2015
Hechinger Report — Bev Purdue
A guide to No Child Left Behind as Congress tries to rewrite the law 1/23/2015
Vox — Libby Nelson
Minnesota parents to Congress: maintain ‘No Child Left Behind’ testing 1/22/2015
Minnesota Post — Devin Henry
The Moral Imperative of No Child Left Behind 1/14/2015
Washington Post — Editorial Board
Education Secretary Arne Duncan to outline education priorities and defend testing. 1/9/2015
Washington Post — Lyndsey Layton
Arne Duncan to call for No Child Left Behind Revamp 1/8/2015
Politico — Caitlin Emma
Tennessee Embraced Common Core for a Reason 1/7/2015
The Tennesean — Karen Vogelsang
Is school reform progressive? 12/21/2014
Hechinger Report — Peter Cunningham
We need someone like King 12/16/2014
Albany Times Union — Amy Williams
Camden superintendent asks students how to boost graduation rate 12/12/2014
Philadelphia Inquirer — Melanie Burney
Common Core can help overcome our math phobia 12/10/2014
Cleveland Plain-Dealer — Alice Gill and Linda Gojack
The myth of the irrelevant teacher 12/2/2014
Minnesota Post — Holly Kragthorpe
Give the mayor credit: School graduation rates are up 11/26/2014
Chicago Reader — Ben Joravsky
Election bodes well for R.I. students 11/25/2014
Providence Journal — Erika Sanzi
What It Takes to Fix American Education 11/23/2014
The Daily Beast — Jonah Edelman
Every Camden kid deserves good education 11/21/2014
Courier-Post — Yasmin Rios
Tough lessons for Rahm 11/20/2014
Catalyst Chicago — Sarah Karp
Education historian denounces Common Core 11/20/2014
Leaf-Chronicle — Lucas Johnson
Oakland Schools chief outlines plan to raise graduation rate, make teachers feel more appreciated 11/18/2014
Oakland Tribune — Doug Oakley
Camden school test scores flat 11/10/2014
Courier Post — Kevin C. Shelly
An Open Letter to Randi Weingarten 10/31/2014
Education Week — Peter Cunningham
Bursting the standardized testing bubble in Colorado 10/29/2014
Denver Post — Michael Vaughn
Survey Finds Parents Mixed on Schools, Teachers’ Unions, Improvement Strategies 10/9/2014
Education Week — Karla Scoon Reid
Too much teaching talent? 9/9/2014
Durham Herald Sun — Peter Cunningham
Camden’s three R’s: Renaissance, Reform, Rouhanifard 9/6/2014
Courier Post — Phil Dunn
Education Post aims to take the sting out of national conversations about school reform 9/1/2014
Washington Post — Lyndsey Layton
PARCC chief says new tests “beautiful tools” 7/25/2014
Chalkbeat — Todd Engdahl
Why Are Teachers Unions So Opposed to Change? 7/20/2014
Wall Street Journal — Antonio Villaraigosa
Teachers in Oakland negotiate by limiting work hours 2/3/2014
SF Chronicle — Jill Tucker


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