Tracy-Ann Samuels

Guest Blogger

Co-Owner, The Amazingly Sensational Kids

Queens, New York

Tracy-Ann Samuels is an ambassador for Autism Speaks and the co-owner of The Amazingly Sensational Kids (T.A.S.K.) media company, which publishes superhero children’s books to spread awareness for Autism awareness and acceptance, co-written by Tracy-Ann and her husband, Jamiyl Samuels. “The Amazingly Awesome Amani” and “Sensationally Super Sandy” books are inspired by their son Trey’s courageous journey as an autistic child navigating the (sometimes harsh) realities of life through his vivid imagination, and his sister Aja’s role as the supportive sister.

Suitable for toddlers on up, T.A.S.K seeks to educate and entertain through the creation of informed written content, film, music, public speaking, and other media platforms. Their T.A.S.K. is to use Transparency, Advocacy, Sensitivity, and Knowledge in all of their endeavors to bring forth Truth, Accountability, Service, and Kindness. Tracy-Ann has a bachelor’s in psychology and master’s in social work. She currently resides in Queens with her husband and two kids, Trey and Aja, spreading awareness and acceptance.


Posted Nov. 2, 2021

Here’s How Parents and Teachers Can Create Healthy Classroom Environments for Neurodiverse Kids

At five years old, our son Trey, now age 14, was diagnosed with Autism and mixed-expressive language disorder. Long before…

By Tracy-Ann Samuels

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