Sana Shaikh

Guest Blogger

Director of School Operations, Springfield Public Schools

Springfield, Massachusetts

Dr. Sana Shaikh is an expert in organizational theory and behavior and cultural responsiveness with over ten years of experience working in education policy, research, and program management and operations. She is currently the Director of School Operations in Springfield Public Schools. She is also the founder of her diversity, equity, and inclusion company called TimeED—Taking Initiative, Making Equity in Education.

She was Teach for America corps member and staff member. Previously, she was a fellow at the Aspen Institute, the Harvard Kennedy School Rappaport Institute for Greater Boston, Achievement First, Leadership for Educational Equity, Senator Mike Johnson, and more recently, serves as an InSPIRE fellow through the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and 50 Can Fellow.

She holds two bachelor’s from the University of California, Berkeley in political science and Near Eastern Studies—Islamic Civilizations, with a minor in global poverty and practice. She has two master’s, one in urban studies from Johns Hopkins and one in social policy and management from Brandeis University. Her Ph.D. is in social policy and management from the Heller School of Social Policy and Management.




Posted Feb. 22, 2021

Educators Who Consider Themselves ‘White Allies’ Are Dangerous When It Comes To Developing Anti-Racist Classrooms

“I am a white ally,” the 30 something-year-old white teacher declared emphatically in the diversity and inclusion professional development session.…

By Sana Shaikh

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Posted Mar. 1, 2021

Inside the Decade-Long Plan to Recruit, Hire and Retain 9,000 Black Educators Across the Country

Across the entire United States, there aren’t nearly enough Black teachers inside classrooms.  According to the National Center for Education Statistics, less than 7% of…

By Sharif El-Mekki

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Posted Mar. 3, 2021

Biden Is Right, We Need Kids to Go Back to School But Not Like Before

On March 13, 2020, when Governor Newsom shut down schools in California including in LAUSD where my son is now a senior, I held my…

By Anya Grottel-Brown

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Posted Mar. 1, 2021

If Houston’s District Schools Keep Taking the Day Off, Students Will Never Catch Up

There have been some good reasons to close schools over the past year—in the early days of the pandemic, for example, or during major weather…

By Danielle Durbin

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