Paula White

Guest Blogger

Executive Director, Educators for Excellence

New York City, New York

Paula White is the executive director of Educators for Excellence’s (E4E) flagship chapter in New York City, serving a membership of 14,000+ public school educators who seek to use their voices to elevate the teaching profession and improve outcomes for children.

Paula spent nine years working in Atlanta Public Schools, where she accelerated learning for the children she taught, all of whom were living in poverty in the face of many systemic challenges. She went on to found a public charter school, and later led an initiative that brought trauma-informed practices to traditional public schools in New York City.

From 2013 to 2016, Paula served as the New Jersey Department of Education’s chief turnaround officer, successfully leading the state’s efforts to improve outcomes in its 200+ lowest-achieving public schools. Later, as a state director for Democrats for Education Reform (DFER), she supported and challenged legislators to advance policies related to student success. Her contributions have also included serving on the editorial board of a professional journal for teachers, and being a state-appointed member of the New Jersey Council for Young Children.

Paula holds degrees from Spelman College and Columbia University. She is fueled by a deep desire to narrow the gap between intent and impact wherever work is being done for the benefit of children. She is the author of “SHAPE: The Five Keys to Parenting from Research & Real Life,” and her most treasured role is being a mom to her three sons.


Posted July 24, 2020

What Does It Mean to Demilitarize Our Schools?

My son was eight when he told me he was going to “quit school.” At first, I laughed, but after…

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