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Houston, Texas

Maria Rives is a 2018-19 Teach Plus Texas Policy Fellow. Maria is a social studies teacher at Stephen F. Austin High School in Fort Bend ISD, where she teaches AP World History. At her previous campus, she has served as social studies department chair, a district curriculum writer for U.S. history and psychology, a district Professional Learning Community teacher leader, and a mentor teacher for new teachers. Maria was Harmony School of Ingenuity’s Teacher of the Year in 2014 and was named the 2018 Angelo State University Applied Psychology Student of the Year. She earned a BA in History from the University of Houston and an MS in Applied Psychology from Angelo State University.


Posted Oct. 26, 2018

No Teacher Should Be an Island

I didn’t quite understand what it meant to be an “island” until I started teaching eight years ago. For years,…

By Maria Rives

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Posted Apr. 22, 2019

Every Time I Think About Leaving the Classroom, My Students Remind Me Why I’m Here

Last week, teaching almost killed me. Again. I was driving home from work, having stayed later than typical for a meeting and some organizing. The…

By Tom Rademacher

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Posted Apr. 23, 2019

New EPA Proposal on Pollution Could Lead to More Students With Asthma Missing School

How could my students succeed if they were not able to come to class? It was a question I used to struggle with constantly. Prior…

By Kunal Sindhu

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Posted Apr. 19, 2019

Wealthy, White People Are Still in the Business of School Segregation

What’s causing school segregation? Some people say charter schools—I say it’s White people.   Before y’all get upset, I’m not saying it’s all White people—just…

By Tanesha Peeples

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