Loryn Windwehen

Guest Blogger

Teacher, Jefferson Middle School

San Antonio, Texas

Loryn Windwehen is an eighth-grade science teacher and department coordinator at Jefferson Middle School in San Antonio, Texas. She has been teaching for nine years.

Windwehen was named the 2012 Overall Teacher of the Year for NEISD, 2012 Region 20 Secondary Teacher of the Year in Texas, received the 2012 Kens5 ExCel Award for Excellence in Education, and was selected for the America Achieves Fellowship of Teachers and Principals.

She is known for co-founding the Harris Middle School Community Garden and the famous “Green Team” which became a nationally recognized community garden program.


Posted Nov. 13, 2015

5 Tips to Give Your Teacher Leaders the Support They Need

More often than not, teacher leaders are left with little support when they need it the most. Establishing credibility for…

By Loryn Windwehen

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