Lindsey Jensen

Secondary English Educator, Dwight Township High School

Chicago, Illinois

Lindsey Jensen is the 2018 Illinois Teacher of the Year, a National Teacher of the Year Nominee and a Global Teacher of the Year Nominee. When she isn’t in her classroom, she spends evenings and weekends working as an educational consultant and motivational speaker. Lindsey is full of energy, and she is fiercely and unapologetically passionate about education.

Lindsey earned a bachelor’s degree in communication from Southern Illinois University. She acquired a Master’s degree in Secondary Education from Oakland City University. She is currently completing her doctorate at Illinois State University through the School of Teaching and Learning, where she is finishing her dissertation and studying gender and technology in YA Dystopian Literature.

She has served as the chief negotiator and as an executive board member for the Dwight Education Association. She is a member of the Illinois Association of Teachers of English, the Illinois Reading Council and the Secondary Reading League. She refers to herself as a “teacher by day, and a musician by night.” Currently, she is a Secondary English Educator at Dwight Township High School, where she teaches Advanced Placement English, English III, and English IV.


Posted May 31, 2019

I’m a Better Educator Than I Was 11 Years Ago, But I Still Feel Like an Imposter

While attending a local charity event, it happened. It’s the moment every teacher dreads. It’s the unexpected scenario that stops…

By Lindsey Jensen

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Posted Feb. 13, 2019

Before Trump Jr. Calls Me a ‘Loser Teacher,’ How About He Steps Inside My Classroom?

It was in my junior English III class during third period when I observed two junior girls, on fundamentally opposite…

By Lindsey Jensen

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Posted Sep. 19, 2018

Poor Kids Deserve Kickass Schools with Kickass Teachers, Too

As the Illinois Teacher of the Year, I meet fellow educators at events all the time. We exchange funny anecdotes…

By Lindsey Jensen

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Posted Aug. 12, 2019

Teaching About Race Does Not Make You Un-American

“The Holocaust was an atrocity.” This was the example I gave my eighth graders as we were learning our words of the week. And with…

By Kelisa Wing

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Posted Aug. 12, 2019

Don’t Just Invite Black Men to School on the First Day, We Need Them All Year Long

A tradition for many schools that educate predominately Black children involves welcoming the children back with scores of Black men cheering them on as they…

By Rann Miller

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Posted Aug. 13, 2019

A Teacher’s First Year: The Good, The Bad and the Beautiful

Joining a new school community comes with a unique set of challenges. In addition to the difficulties inherent in any new school year, new teachers…

By Meghann Estrada

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