Kelly D. Holstine

Guest Blogger

Equity 2.0 Consultant

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Kelly D. Holstine is an Equity 2.0 Consultant, a speaker, and an author. She is the 2018/2019 MN State Teacher of the Year, the 2018 Honoree for Women Breaking Barriers, the 2019 MN Lynx Women’s Spotlight Selection for Leader and Innovator in Arts and Education, and the 2019 MN Women’s Press Favorite Leader in Education. Holstine’s co-written chapter titled: “Impact of Trauma on Our Youth” is published in the book, Flip the System: How Teachers Can Transform Education and Save Democracy.


Posted Nov. 23, 2021

How Enacting Equity Can Decrease Holiday Trauma

As a kid, I didn’t look forward to the holidays as much as my classmates did because it meant more…

By Kelly D. Holstine

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Posted Aug. 23, 2019

Why We Need LGBTQ+ Curricula

In 2018, GLSEN’s national school climate study indicated that 59.5% of LGBTQ students “felt unsafe at school because of their…

By Kelly D. Holstine

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Posted Dec. 1, 2021

When Charters Grow From Communities, They Can and Do Increase Equity

BES (Build, Excel, Sustain) started its Fellowship program 20 years ago to support school leaders with the preparation and professional development they needed to design,…

By Aasimah Navlakhi

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Posted Dec. 1, 2021

The Gifted and Talented Debates Aren’t About Rigor, They’re About Access

An interesting, complicated, and rather polarizing trend is going around in American education, and it has to do with special admission schools and the designation…

By Zachary Wright 

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Posted Nov. 30, 2021

Principals Must Be Hope Dealers In Schools and Communities

During a recent conversation, Murleen Coakley, principal of Greenfield Union in the Detroit Public Schools Community District, reminded me how much being a great principal…

By Robert Simmons

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