Jerilyn Lopez-Mendoza

Guest Blogger

Environmental Affairs Program Manager, Southern California Gas Company

Los Angeles, California

Jerilyn Lopez-Mendoza is the environmental affairs program manager at Southern California Gas Company.


Posted Feb. 8, 2016

Magnet Schools for This Mami: Forcing LAUSD to Work for My Daughter

I’m not bragging when I say, “My daughter is smart.” I started reading to her when she was a newborn.…

By Jerilyn Lopez-Mendoza

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Posted Aug. 12, 2019

Teaching About Race Does Not Make You Un-American

“The Holocaust was an atrocity.” This was the example I gave my eighth graders as we were learning our words of the week. And with…

By Kelisa Wing

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Posted Aug. 12, 2019

Don’t Just Invite Black Men to School on the First Day, We Need Them All Year Long

A tradition for many schools that educate predominately Black children involves welcoming the children back with scores of Black men cheering them on as they…

By Rann Miller

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Posted Aug. 13, 2019

A Teacher’s First Year: The Good, The Bad and the Beautiful

Joining a new school community comes with a unique set of challenges. In addition to the difficulties inherent in any new school year, new teachers…

By Meghann Estrada

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