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Posted Nov. 3, 2014

New Jersey Website and Videos Explain Common Core

A well-designed new website will help New Jersey parents understand what the Common Core State Standards are and how the…

By J. Gordon Wright

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Posted Oct. 31, 2014

Cunningham Asks Weingarten to “Rebuild Trust and Change Conversation”

This morning our executive director, Peter Cunningham, published An Open Letter to Randi Weingarten in Education Week, calling for a…

By J. Gordon Wright

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Posted Oct. 16, 2014

New Website Supports Meaningful Tests in Minnesota

A new website by MinnCAN wants to make sure kids keep taking meaningful tests in Minnesota schools: Pass the Test…

By J. Gordon Wright

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Posted Oct. 13, 2014

Why Is Diane Ravitch Belittling These Teachers?

In a recent blog post, education historian Diane Ravitch belittled two teachers who happen to disagree with her and school…

By J. Gordon Wright

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Posted Sep. 18, 2014

Community Group Helps Quality Charter Schools Stay Afloat

Many in the education world may not have heard of the Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC), but they’ve been around…

By J. Gordon Wright

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Posted Sep. 9, 2014

Teacher Tenure Just Needs Some Common-Sense Changes

The mere mention of teacher tenure sets any education conversation on edge. Either you want to keep it because it…

By J. Gordon Wright

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Posted Sep. 8, 2014

Least Effective NY Educators Teaching Most Vulnerable Students

Capital New York unpacks the state’s latest teacher evaluation results showing that lower-income schools tend to have less effective teachers,…

By J. Gordon Wright

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Posted Sep. 4, 2014

More Support for “a Civil Conversation” and Building Bridges

Ed Week’s Mark Walsh takes a look at Education Post in his most recent blog, New Group Seeks to Counter…

By J. Gordon Wright

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Posted Sep. 2, 2014
Screenshot from WashingtonPost.com of Education Post story

Washington Post Announces Education Post

As Lyndsey Layton writes in the Washington Post, we created Education Post so we could turn “the schoolyard brawl” into…

By J. Gordon Wright

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Posted Aug. 7, 2020

James Baldwin’s ‘Talk to Teachers’ Is Just as Relevant Today

As I sit here, processing my thoughts on the severity of events that are currently grappling our nation, I reflect on the historical circumstances that…

By Jorge Santos

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Posted Aug. 3, 2020

Today Should Have Been Our First Day of School

For 14 years I have taught math at the same high school. The entirety of my career—three thousand students, eighty classes, 13 preps, five rooms,…

By Jay Wamsted

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Posted Aug. 6, 2020

White Teachers, Our Whiteness Is Getting in Our Way

Since the murder of George Floyd, teacher leaders across America have sought to prove the necessity of antiracism in public education. And rightly so: from…

By Tate Aldrich

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