Evan Gutierrez

Guest Blogger

Managing Director of Curriculum and Assessment, Gradient Learning

Chicago, Illinois

Evan Gutierrez is the Managing Director of Curriculum and Assessment at Gradient Learning.

Evan oversaw the academic program for Acero School in Chicago, Illinois, a high-performing charter network serving the Latino community. He has engaged in course, program, and school model design with districts and CMOs in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York City and New Orleans. He fosters innovation in curriculum and program design through collaborative partnerships with a focus on advancing equity.

Evan has a master’s of business administration and studied curriculum and instruction at Loyola Marymount University.


Posted Apr. 5, 2021

Here’s How Culturally Sustaining Curriculum Roots Students in a Legacy of Strength

I started my teaching career teaching music. I’d been a professional musician for a decade—performing, touring and recording jazz and…

By Evan Gutierrez

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Posted Mar. 27, 2017

Our Students’ Bilingualism Is an Asset, Not a Deficit

If ever there were reason to rejoice over a standardized test, this is the time. Let me explain. I oversee…

By Evan Gutierrez

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Posted Apr. 10, 2021

EXPLAINED: The American Rescue Plan Gives a Huge Boost to School Funding

What is the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021? You may have heard it as the “second big COVID stimulus,” but the actual name is…

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Posted Apr. 8, 2021

I Know What the Challenges Are for Black Teachers and How to Start Fixing Them

I will never forget the moment last year when a seventh-grade African American student came to my door and said, “Mr. Taylor, I just wanted…

By Aaron Taylor

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Posted Apr. 7, 2021

We Have No Idea What This Year Has Been Like for Our Kids

One year ago, my now-kindergartener left his bustling and diverse transitional kindergarten classroom with sensory learning areas designed for academic and social skills development to…

By Sonya Heisters

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