Erica Snowden

Guest Blogger

Dean, Greene Street Friends School

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Erica Snowden, a Detroit native, has been an educator for 16 years within the Friends Schools network. Erica earned her bachelor’s in biology from Lincoln University, a master’s in the art of teaching from Marygrove College and a master’s in educational leadership from the University of Pennsylvania. Currently, she is the Lower School Dean at Greene Street Friends School in Philadelphia.

Erica serves as the Diversity Clerk, promoting social justice and race-based conversations within middle school affinity groups, lower school racial literacy groups, faculty and staff. This work resulted in the creation of Stay Woke Day, a city-wide, student-led conference on racial awareness and intersexuality. Erica co-founded GSAFE (gender and sexuality alliance for everyone) with colleagues to provide a safe space for students and allies who identify with LGBT+ goals and initiatives. She is the founder of FRAGRANCE, (faculty racial affinity groups promoting racial awareness, normalization, and change in education).

In addition to being a contributing author to The Guide for White Women Who Teach Black Boys, she has published in the Journal of Ethical Educational Leadership. Erica has presented at several conferences including, the Multicultural Resource Center at the Association of Delaware Valley Independent Schools Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Conference ([email protected]), the [email protected] Cheryl Irving Cultural Competency Institute, the Pennsylvania Association of Independent Schools conference (PAIS), and The National Association of Independent Schools conference (NAIS).

Erica he has given talks at the University of Pennsylvania and Rutgers College on topics of diversity, equity and inclusion. She was the closing keynote at the Greater Philadelphia Diversity Collaborative’s (GPDC) conference, “Nurturing Critically Engaged Citizens.” She is a recipient of the 2019 DiversityIS magazine Leadership in Diversity Award.

Erica is also a Lion’s Story Racial Literacy Trainer.


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