Courtney Martin

Guest Blogger

Co-Founder, Solutions Journalism Network and FRESH Speakers Bureau

Oakland, California

Courtney E. Martin is an author and entrepreneur. Her latest book is “Learning in Public: Lessons for a Racially Divided America from my Daughter’s School.” Courtney is the co-founder of The Solutions Journalism Network and FRESH Speakers Bureau. Courtney has authored/edited six books, including “Do It Anyway: The New Generation of Activists, and Perfect Girls, Starving Daughters: How the Quest for Perfection is Harming Young Women.” She has a popular Substack newsletter, called Examined Family, and speaks widely at conferences and colleges. She is the recipient of the Elie Wiesel Prize in Ethics, a residency from the Rockefeller Foundation’s Bellagio Centre, and an honorary Ph.d. from Art Center of Design. She lives with her family in a co-housing community called Temescal Commons in Oakland, and is currently the storyteller-in-residence at The Holding Co, a lab for redesigning care for the 21st century. Read more about her work at


Posted Oct. 4, 2021

Education Activist Dirk Tillotson Was as Real as They Come

Last Friday, October 1, Oakland education activist Dirk Tillotson was murdered in his home. He was as real as they…

By Courtney Martin

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Posted Sep. 1, 2021

Writing About Sending My White Daughter to a Black School Brought Out Comments From All Sides

Earlier this month, my book, “Learning in Public: Lessons for a Racially Divided America From my Daughter’s Schools”, came out.…

By Courtney Martin

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Posted Nov. 11, 2020

Making the Equitable Choice the Easiest Choice

In the aftermath of this most recent election, I want to remind us that politics are not solely presidential. That,…

By Courtney Martin

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Posted Oct. 18, 2021

Times Are Tough. Asking Teachers to Get Tougher Isn’t the Answer.

Wednesday started out like any other; I left my house at 7:00 am to drive to my school campus, where I teach bilingual early childhood…

By Megan Hillegass

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Posted Oct. 21, 2021

Q&A With Sharif El-Mekki and Shareefah Mason: You Won’t Retain Black Teachers Without Transforming Your School Culture

Shareefah Mason of TeachPlus and Sharif El-Mekki of the Center For Black Educator Development (CBED) believe that schools can only recruit and retain Black teachers…

By Laura Waters

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Posted Oct. 20, 2021

While We Debate Mandatory Vaccines for Teachers, It’s the Kids Who Suffer

I recently wrote a post urging us, as an educator community, to prioritize the health and safety of our students and fellow teaching colleagues as…

By Kwame Sarfo-Mensah

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