Courtney Gaskins

Guest Blogger

Vice President for Programs, Youth For Tomorrow

Bristow, Virginia

Courtney Gaskins, Ph.D., is the Vice President for Programs at Youth For Tomorrow (YFT), a private alternative school serving at-risk youth in Virginia.


Posted Sep. 21, 2016

We Must Get Schools to Join the Fight Against Child Sex Trafficking

Here’s a back-to-school statistic that doesn’t get the attention it should: Thousands of children are bought for sex in America…

By Courtney Gaskins

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Posted Mar. 8, 2021

I’m Telling My Story So My Female Students Never Feel Powerless Like I Did

I am a firm believer that in order to become an anti-oppressive educator and advocate, one must fully understand the nature of oppression. While finishing…

By Lindsey Jensen

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Posted Mar. 8, 2021

‘Teacher Diversity’ Explained: Why It Matters, and How We Got Here

While America’s student body has grown more diverse over time, the teachers working with them have remained overwhelmingly white. While 47% of public school students…

By Education Post

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Posted Mar. 8, 2021

A Leaky Pipeline Loses Teachers of Color

Despite the benefits of a diverse teaching force, prospective teachers of color fall out of our leaky preparation pipeline at every stage: preparation, hiring, induction…

By Education Post

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