Caroline Bermudez

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Chief Storyteller, Charter School Growth Fund

Chicago, Illinois


Posted Aug. 8, 2016

Why Do Some of Our Most Desirable Cities Have the Worst School District Ratings?

The Economic Policy Institute (EPI) recently released its annual list of America’s most and least educated cities among 150 metropolitan…

By Caroline Bermudez

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Posted July 27, 2016

Reading a Report Card Shouldn’t Be Like Playing a Game of Twister

America doesn’t have a good relationship with color-coded systems as previous experiments have shown, but apparently that isn’t stopping the…

By Caroline Bermudez

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Posted July 26, 2016

Checking Up on TFA Corps Members 8 Years Later

Reflexive opposition to Teach For America (TFA) is commonplace and the arguments against the organization are recycled regularly: Corps members…

By Caroline Bermudez

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Posted July 22, 2016

California’s Education Contradiction

The great Joan Didion rose to literary fame chronicling her love-hate relationship with her native California. In “Where I Was…

By Caroline Bermudez

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Posted July 20, 2016

Coffee Break: Ryan Smith on James Baldwin, His Mother, and Why Black Minds Matter

Ryan Smith is the executive director of Education Trust-West, in Oakland, California, and part of a crop of young education…

By Caroline Bermudez

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Posted June 22, 2016

Coffee Break: Heart of Los Angeles’ Tony Brown on Why He Drinks Decaf and Helping Kids Find Their Passion

Tony Brown is the executive director of Heart of Los Angeles (HOLA), a nonprofit organization in the Rampart district that…

By Caroline Bermudez

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Posted June 17, 2016

Time to End the Great Charter School Debate in Los Angeles and Create Great Public Schools Now

More than once in California, it has taken a major lawsuit to try to propel long-awaited change for its schools.…

By Caroline Bermudez

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Posted June 16, 2016

D.C. Public Schools Are a Model Once Again, This Time on School Discipline

While turf wars are being waged between traditional public schools and charter schools across the nation, the District of Columbia…

By Caroline Bermudez

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Posted June 15, 2016

Coffee Break: Carmita Vaughan on Comics, the Cool Kids in Education Reform, and Not Being Fake

Carmita Vaughan is the founder and president of the Surge Institute, which selects and trains people of color to become…

By Caroline Bermudez

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Posted June 9, 2016

Coffee Break: Morgan Polikoff on Why Education Is So Complicated and How to Write a Good Tweet

Morgan Polikoff is an associate professor of education, specializing in K-12 policy, at the University of Southern California’s Rossier School…

By Caroline Bermudez

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Posted Apr. 15, 2021

Digital Equity for All Students Has Never Been a More Attainable Goal

With the American Rescue Plan (ARP) officially signed into law, the nation’s public school systems will soon have an additional $126 billion to navigate challenges brought on…

By Garris Landon Stroud

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Posted Apr. 12, 2021

Science Is Finally Beating Covid. Now Let’s Give It a Chance to Help Kids Read.

Before the pandemic, approximately one million children, year in and year out, ended fourth grade at best barely able to read. It’s anyone’s guess what that number looks…

By Kate Walsh

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Posted Apr. 13, 2021

Meet Two Teachers Learning to Center Their Students’ Identities Without Losing Sight of Their Own

Lindsay Singer and Ashley McCall are both third grade teachers at Cesar Chavez Multicultural Academic Center in Chicago. Lindsay teaches mathematics and inquiry. And Ashley…

By Ikhlas Saleem

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