Arnold Hernandez

Recruitment Coordinator, New Frontiers Public Schools

San Antonio, Texas

Arnold Hernandez is a journalist-turned-education recruiter, passionate about helping families and students navigate through the educational systems. He worked as a journalist for KAKW- Univision 62 Austin and Time Warner-News 8 Austin, which led him to his tenure as the national spokesperson for the Sallie Mae Fund. There he educated 57,000 students and their parents about the importance of pursuing higher education in more than sixty cities across the United States.

Arnold has also worked as an admission counselor at St. Edward’s University where he has guided parents and students from diverse backgrounds through the college exploration and college admission process. His introduction to the world of Charter Schools came when working as the director of student and community engagement at Wayside Schools in Austin. Today his mission of connecting families with the best educational opportunities continues in his role as the student recruitment coordinator for New Frontiers Public Schools in San Antonio, Texas.

Arnold holds a BA in communications and journalism from St. Edward’s University in Austin, Texas.


Posted Sep. 17, 2018

My Parents Didn’t Make It Past the Third Grade. I’m Working to Change That for Families in San Antonio.

My personal story begins with my family. I was born the youngest of seven children to a migrant farming family.…

By Arnold Hernandez

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Posted Dec. 18, 2018

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The 2014 federal school discipline guidance—which the Federal School Safety Commission today said should be scrapped—isn’t just about policy and data, it’s about Gee. This…

By Estella Owoimaha-Church

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Posted Dec. 13, 2018

DeVos Will Recommend the Removal of Civil Rights Protections for Students of Color

Any day now we’re going to hear the news that Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos and the Trump administration are removing guidance meant to reduce…

By Laura Waters

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Posted Dec. 13, 2018

Stop Trying to ‘All Lives Matter’ the Black Struggle for Educational Justice

Outrage: White People Won’t Be Satisfied Until We Make Our Struggle About Them I get tired of people trying to “All Lives Matter” my advocacy—especially White…

By Tanesha Peeples

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