Alison Welcher

Guest Blogger

Educator, Harvard University

Charlotte, North Carolina

Alison Welcher is a doctoral candidate in educational leadership at Harvard University. She has served as a teacher, school leader and district administrator in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools in North Carolina. As a school leader, she led a middle school turnaround leading to local, regional and national recognition, including a profile with “Getting Smart: 100 Schools Worth Visiting” in 2014 and in the book, “Breakthrough Principals: A Step-by-Step Guide to Building Stronger Schools,” which inspires principals across the country to value and invest in teacher leadership.

Alison recently completed the Teach For America School Systems Leaders Fellowship and the Relay GSE Leverage Leadership Institute. She holds a bachelor’s of arts in English from Spelman College and a master’s degree in Risk and Prevention with Adolescents at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Alison is a doctoral student at the Harvard Graduate School of Education in the Educational Leadership program.


Posted Mar. 15, 2018

Here’s How ESSA Can Create Strong, Diverse School Leadership

When I became principal of Ranson IB Middle School in 2011, one of the first challenges I faced as principal…

By Alison Welcher

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Posted June 11, 2021

Pharrell Williams’ New School Offers a ‘Room Without a Roof’ to Low-Income Students

When you visit the Team Yellow website, a powerful statement appears:  We will even the odds through education.  The site, the movement, and the concept…

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Posted June 10, 2021

Teachers, Your LGBTQ+ Students Need You to Do More Than Wear a Rainbow T-Shirt or Wave a Flag on Pride Weekend

It’s June, which means Pride Month is here! In a year where many elected officials and school districts are more determined than ever to center…

By Kwame Sarfo-Mensah

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Posted June 11, 2021

Award-Winning Educators Call on States to Halt Bans on Critical Race Theory

As award-winning elementary and secondary school educators, we seek to ensure that our students receive an excellent education, to advance our students’ skills, knowledge, and…

By ERCA Leading Educator Ambassadors for Equity

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