A recent piece on home-schooling in USA Today shares a one-sided view of Common Core as a source of “confusion” and “anxiety” that is driving parents to home-schooling. But the article’s numbers are misleading:

A Journal News analysis of state data found that Westchester, Rockland and Putnam counties had a 31% increase of home-schooled students from 20052005? Common Core wasn’t adopted in New York state until 2010. (the earliest the state could provide data for) to 2013. Statewide, more than 20,000 students receive their primary instruction at home.

Sylvia Diaz, coordinator of Tri-State Homeschoolers Association, which caters to home-schoolers in the New York metropolitan area, said she had seen an uptick in inquiries this year from parents concerned about the implementation of the Common Core education standards.…

The new national standardsCommon Core standards aren’t “national”—they were drafted by a group of states and adopted individually by more than 40 states. also played a role in Danielle Widney’s decision to pull her children out of the East Ramapo schools.


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