We know all children can learn under the best conditions:
schools that offer a rich, well-rounded curriculum, skilled and
passionate teachers, and a stable, supportive home
where learning is valued.

But when children don’t have these ideal conditions,
we often sell them short.

We stop believing in their potential—blaming poverty, or the
language they speak, or the color of their skin.

We call this

The Belief Gap

This is the gap between what adults believe is possible
and what kids are actually capable of achieving.

And when adults don’t believe in them,
kids stop believing in themselves.

how do we close the gap

Every student, no matter what their circumstances, needs adults in their lives who believe in them. Who push them to great heights.

Let’s send a different message. Let’s show kids that we believe. Let’s show each other we believe.

Because they can.

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I believe ALL children can learn and achieve.
I believe we owe it to them to provide supportive
learning opportunities and the chance to go to college.



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