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Posted Sep. 12, 2016

No Surprise, Carol Burris Misses the Mark on California Charter Schools

Carol Burris, executive director of the Network for Public Education, writes about “a never-ending stream of charter scandals coming from California” in Valerie Strauss’ Answer…

By Caroline Bermudez

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Posted May. 19, 2016

Diane Ravitch and Carol Burris Attack Anyone Who Disagrees

Recently, a prominent American citizen released a video urging the next president of the United States to spend one day teaching in a high-poverty school…

By Peter Cunningham

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Posted Sep. 18, 2014

The False Arguments of Carol Burris Against High Standards

When you can’t make an honest case against something, there is always rhetoric, exaggeration or falsehoods, but it’s disheartening when it comes from an award-winning…

By Ann Whalen

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Posted Sep. 18, 2014

Teacher Erin Dukeshire Defends Common Core: A Response to Principal Carol Burris

Guest Post: Erin Dukeshire is a 2011 Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching, as well as an alumna of both the America…

By Erin Dukeshire

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Posted Sep. 18, 2014

Teacher Maricela Montoy-Wilson Defends Common Core: A Response to Principal Carol Burris

Guest Post: Maricela Montoy-Wilson teaches second grade in East Palo Alto, California, where she has taught for the last six years. She graduated from Stanford…

By Maricela Montoy-Wilson

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Posted Oct. 11, 2019

Charter Schools Offer Choices to North Carolina Families Regardless of Income

There’s a lot of confusion these days about what charter schools are and what they aren’t. Some of the confusion is sewn deliberately by people…

By Rhonda Dillingham, Nina Rees

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Posted Jul. 8, 2019

Teacher Diversity Matters and Charter Schools in North Carolina Are Getting Results for Students of Color

Seth Gershenson’s research on the impact of teacher expectations and their effect on students has made waves across the country. With the support of the…

By Maureen Kelleher

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Posted Jul. 25, 2018

Coffee Break: North Carolina’s Wanda Legrand Knows Students Can’t Be Successful Unless They Feel Loved

“We’ve not done enough to make students feel valued for their differences,” says Wanda Legrand, the new chief schools support officer for Guilford County Schools…

By Michael Vaughn

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Posted May. 14, 2018

Here’s Why Thousands of North Carolina Teachers Are Taking a Personal Day This Week

North Carolina teachers plan to hold a “March for Students and Rally for Respect” on May 16—the first day of the new legislative session—to protest…

By Michael Leachman

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Posted Feb. 22, 2017

Innovative Charters With Accountability Are Good for North Carolina

Take a look at stories about charter schools that earn top billing in news media, and you will find a litany of negativity and fear.…

By Mamie Hall

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Posted Jan. 19, 2017

Caroline Corcoran

Caroline Corcoran is a fifth-grade English language arts teacher at McGlone Academy in Denver, Colorado.…

By Ikhlas Saleem

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Posted Dec. 1, 2016

Carolina Cantu

Carolina Cantu, a 2016 graduate of IDEA Public Schools, is a freshman at Princeton University studying molecular biology.…

By Ikhlas Saleem

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Posted Aug. 12, 2016

Choice and Segregation in Durham, North Carolina

Rita Rathbone, Ed.D., is a teacher and magnet coordinator at a traditional public school in Durham, North Carolina, who is concerned that the emergence of…

By Rita Rathbone

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Posted Jul. 28, 2016

Carole Friedman

Carole Friedman is a trainer and coach at Ramapo for Children. Prior to joining Ramapo, Carole held positions as a principal, assistant principal, staff developer,…

By Ikhlas Saleem

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Posted Oct. 29, 2015

Filmed Classroom Arrest of South Carolina Schoolgirl Spotlights Police Brutality, Prison Pipeline

Beth Hawkins, formerly of MinnPost and now a Writer in Residence here at Education Post has a piece up at The Hechinger Report about the…

By Education Post

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Posted Oct. 27, 2015

Former Dean of Students Denounces Actions of School Resource Officer at Spring Valley High School in South Carolina

Erika Sanzi, who writes for us at Education Post and at her own blog ‘Good School Hunting’, comes out strong against the actions taken by…

By Erika Sanzi

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Posted Oct. 19, 2015

Carol Coker

Carol Coker is the proud parent of two daughters who attend Catalyst Maria Charter School and a resident of Chatham on the South Side of…

By Gordon Wright

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Posted Dec. 3, 2014

Caroline Bermudez

Caroline Bermudez is chief storyteller at the Charter School Growth Fund and former senior writer at Education Post. Bermudez has been a journalist for almost…

By Hanna Frank

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Posted Nov. 13, 2014

Burris’ Abrupt End to an Honest Conversation

President of the Thomas B. Fordham Institute Michael Petrilli and award-winning Long Island principal Carol Burris have been in an ongoing debate on the Common…

By Hanna Grace Frank

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Posted Jan. 29, 2020

If You’re Really Fighting for Educational Justice, You Need to Check Your Privilege

Earlier this week I was tagged in a tweet published by Carol Burris. It looked to be an attempt to negatively blast or shame my…

By Tanesha Peeples

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