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Posted June 21, 2016

How These Undocumented Latino Students Are Finding Their Way to College

The California Dream Act took effect in 2013, giving undocumented youth in the state an unprecedented path to college. But faced with too few counselors…

By Nadra Kareem Nittle

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Posted June 23, 2016

Invisible (Wo)man: How the Struggles of Black Girls in School Go Unnoticed

I recently sat with four colleagues during a school-based professional development session on diversity. There was a Jewish woman, a Mexican woman, a White man,…

By Marilyn Rhames

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Posted June 22, 2016

Coffee Break: Heart of Los Angeles’ Tony Brown on Why He Drinks Decaf and Helping Kids Find Their Passion

Tony Brown is the executive director of Heart of Los Angeles (HOLA), a nonprofit organization in the Rampart district that provides after-school academic and arts…

By Caroline Bermudez

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