High Expectations

Posted Apr. 20, 2017

My Name Is Tom. I’ve Been a Teacher for 10 Years and I Still Get My Ass Kicked Nearly Every Day.

The danger of pretending it’s easy, of pretending we have the right answers is that struggle too quickly feels like failure.…

By Tom Rademacher

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Posted Apr. 14, 2017

Colorado’s ESSA Plan Doesn’t Quite Get All Kids Across the Goal Line

As Colorado updates its accountability system to comply with the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), we have the opportunity to rethink how it provides both…

By Lisa Berdie

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Posted Mar. 10, 2017

My 4th- and 6th-Graders Are Reading the Same Book in School. Should I Be Worried?

My fourth-grader and sixth-grader are reading the same book in school right now. That’s right. The book is “The Lightning Thief.”  And what’s more, my…

By Erika Sanzi

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Posted Nov. 2, 2016

Coffee Break: Kunjan Narechania on the One Change That Has Made the Biggest Difference For Kids in New Orleans

Kunjan Narechania is chief operating officer at the Louisiana Department of Education, where she leads the internal operations at the Recovery School District in New…

By Michael Vaughn

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Posted July 5, 2016

WATCH: How I Became a Charter School Supporter

I remember the exact moment I became a charter school supporter. It was 2006, and I was a few days away from completing my first…

By Jamie Davies O’Leary

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Posted May 16, 2016

What Is Teacher Efficacy? It’s About Believing in Kids

Earlier this year, our school, Holly Drive Leadership Academy, was showcased at a conference on teacher efficacy. To be honest, we didn’t know exactly what…

By Danielle Stephan, Shyanne Smith

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Posted Dec. 3, 2015

Lessons From One Boston School’s Rise From ‘Worst to First’

Boston Public Schools Superintendent Tommy Chang and Laura Perille, president and CEO of Edvestors, have co-authored a piece for The Hechinger Report about the remarkable turnaround of the Jeremiah Burke High School in Dorchester, MA. The school is the most recent recipient of the $100,000 Thomas W. Payzant School on the Move prize because of its incredible rise from "worst to first" -- Chang and Perille focus on the lessons learned from this…

By Education Post

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Posted Oct. 29, 2015

Mother Expects More of her Son and Wants His School to Do the Same

Michelle Maltais is a black Mom and the deputy director of audience engagement of the LA Times; she currently has a very personal piece up at The Huffington Post. In the piece, she explains her decision to send her son to private school and how it is largely based on her wanting a school that will expect a lot from him, as she does. She acknowledges that as a parent there will be no do-overs and that the current public school system just won't…

By Education Post

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Posted Oct. 13, 2015

How Can States Ensure More Rural Students See College in Their Future? Four Policy Improvements to Consider.

Why aren't rural students attending college more and what can states do about it? Jennifer Schiess at Bellwether Education Partners breaks down a new report on rural schools that finds post-secondary preparation in high school lacking and provides some policy solutions to address the problem. What our findings suggest is that rural students are potentially less well-prepared for post-secondary learning—which limits opportunities, decreases…

By Education Post

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Featured Posts

Posted May 24, 2017

I Made Every Phone Call, Sent Every Email, Text and Tweet So My Student Could Attend the College of Her Dreams

For two years in my English class, we had talked about her dreams of becoming an intelligence analyst at the CIA. Unlike some students, this…

By Anna Baldwin

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Posted May 24, 2017

When Paying Rent Is So Stressful That You Get Evicted, Arrested and Drop Out

During my senior year of high school, college was a subject I didn’t like to talk about. I knew I didn’t want to go, but…

By Kalil Warner

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Posted May 25, 2017

A Principal Helping Kids to Be the First in Their Family to Go to College, Just Like He Was

First-generation college student Vincent Gay started his journey on a wrestling scholarship at Edinboro University, near Erie, Pennsylvania. Early on, he got into such difficulty…

By Maureen Kelleher

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