Shree Chauhan


Guest Blogger

Founder and CEO, Parents in Partnership

Washington, D.C.

Shree Chauhan is the Founder and CEO of Parents in Partnership, an education startup organization that empowers parents to lead positive changes in schools and communities. An education thought leader with almost a decade of experience, Shree began her career as a 6th-grade English teacher in Miami-Dade public schools where she collaborated directly with parents and families to improve the academic outcomes and lives of her students. Her time in the classroom guides Shree’s vision for Parents in Partnership, and her current advocacy and policy efforts.

As a senior policy advisor for a national civil rights organization, Shree counsels civil rights principals, community leaders and elected officials throughout the nation on PK-16 education issues. Shree’s areas of expertise include family engagement, Common Core State Standards and accountability. Shree also manages the social media presence of Young Education Professionals (@YEPNational), a national network of education professionals with chapters in 11 cities.

Prior to joining the civil rights movement, Shree worked in the Department of Education’s policy office, advised Senators Bennet and Harkin on education issues and guided policy efforts for the Data Quality Campaign.

Shree earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Communications from the University of Miami and a Master of Public Administration degree from American University. She is a native Floridian and a proud Washingtonian.


Posted Dec. 4, 2014

If Education Is the Civil Rights Issue of Our Time, Reformers Can’t Ignore Police Killings

Yesterday’s lack of indictment for Eric Garner’s homicide, laid bare the unquestionable injustices faced by African Americans in this nation.…

By Shree Chauhan

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Posted Feb. 22, 2017

#MyBlackHistory: My Mom Had to Lie to Get Me Into a Good School. No Parent Should Have to Do That.

In a nation as wealthy as America, no parent should have to lie about their address to get their child into a high-quality school. Sadly, I have heard this same tale from many, many other Black families.…

By Nate Bowling

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Posted Feb. 21, 2017

#MyBlackHistory: Here’s Why I Became an Engineer and How I’m Helping Kids Do It Too

When I was just 9 or 10 years old, I found out that I had a true love and passion for science. Now I want to see that other kids get that chance.…

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Posted Feb. 21, 2017

#MyBlackHistory: Why I’m Celebrating Every Black Genius From City Blocks to the White House

We will never meet a Black child who is not a genius and there is no secret to how we support them: We first treat them as human and then we then support them with love. …

By David J. Johns

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