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East Palo Alto, California

Maricela Montoy-Wilson teaches second grade in East Palo Alto, California, where she has taught for the last six years. She serves as the lead teacher for her grade-level team and is a fellow with America Achieves Fellowship for Teachers and Principals. She also publishes a blog, Growing Minds, which promotes teaching strategies and reflections from her classroom on fostering growth mindset in the primary grades.

She graduated from Stanford University as an undergraduate and received her Masters in Education from the Stanford Teacher Education Program, where she is now a mentor.


Posted Sep. 18, 2014

Teacher Maricela Montoy-Wilson Defends Common Core: A Response to Principal Carol Burris

Guest Post: Maricela Montoy-Wilson teaches second grade in East Palo Alto, California, where she has taught for the last six…

By Maricela Montoy-Wilson

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