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It’s time for a different conversation about public education and what our children need—an honest and civil conversation of many voices, united by a common belief in the power of education to transform lives.

We’re here to help make that happen, with a focus on three areas that can improve the quality of public education.

  • We believe in high expectations and rigorous standards for every student.
  • We believe that principals and teachers should be responsible for helping every student meet those learning standards and that they can’t do it without the full support of parents, communities and elected officials at every level.
  • We believe that education is not one-size-fits-all and that every family deserves to choose from a range of schools to find the right fit for their children, including high quality charter schools.

We are a non-partisan communications organization dedicated to building support for student-focused improvements in public education from preschool to high school graduation.

We all want world-class schools. We want our children to love learning, to be challenged and supported in the classroom, to have access to a range of enrichment activities, to be socially and emotionally strong and healthy, and to graduate from high school with everything they need to pursue the future they see for themselves.

But many of us are getting tired of the bluster that distorts issues and prioritizes being loud over being thoughtful — the politicized debate that pushes people to the extremes instead of inviting them to come together for a discussion rooted in our belief in our children and our hopes for the future. There are millions of teachers and families in the middle who are not being heard, and they are tuning out.

We will elevate the voices of these families and teachers; we will help connect them to honest, classroom-focused conversations about our schools, that can lead us to common-sense improvements for our classrooms and our kids.

We will elevate the voices of parents, students, and teachers in communities where improvements are needed. We will amplify the voices of leaders in and out of the field of education who share the view that we need to get better to compete and succeed in the global economy.

We will challenge false narratives.

We will be direct about the promise—and the perils—of new approaches to public education.

We will partner with like-minded organizations and civic leaders to provide support and strategy where it’s needed.

We will cut through the noise and foster honest, straight talk—from many voices—about our schools, our classrooms, and our kids.

We need to stop playing politics and start focusing on getting the best results for every student.

We invite you to join this conversation.

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